Depending on the need and pipe size, there are different types of pipe fittings production.

With more than 80 years of experience, Dökerler offers high quality, customized pe100 fabricated pipe fittings.

Types of  fabricated pipe fittings in Dökerler:

1. PE100-Fabricated 45° Elbow

2. PE100- Fabricated 90° Elbow

3. PE100- Fabricated Equal Tee

4. PE100- Fabricated Inegal Tee

5. PE100- Fabricated Cross Tee

6. PE100- Fabricated 45° Y Tee

PE100 Fabricated pipe fittings are produced by assembling two or more pipe pieces by butt welding.

You can supply many pipe fittings for your needs, especially fabricated, spigot and electrofusion HDPE pipe fittings from Dökerler.

Known for its quality in the infrastructure sector with its experience, Dökerler;

• Pipe fittings used in city networks,

• Sewer manhole covers and

• Rainwater gratings

manufactures. Dökerler always provides service by giving importance to customer satisfaction all over the world.

You can examine the details and technical specifications of our products that will meet your needs in your infrastructure projects, on our website