Butt welding is one of the most common pipe joining methods. It means the joining of pipes of the same wall thickness and diameter, butt ends by means of temperature and pressure. Butt welding type is often used in projects that do not require changes in the progressive processes, such as underground pipelines or long-distance installations

  • The stages of butt welding, which is a versatile and simple process, are as follows;
  • The pipes to be joined are cut according to the desired dimensions.
  • The pipes to be joined for butt welding are placed on the hydraulic unit.
  • The surfaces of the pipes to be welded are shaved.
  • Surfaces are contacted with heater resistance.
  • The resistance contact is cut off and the two surfaces of the pipe are glued together with the required pressure.
  • The weld formed after adhesion is expected to cool.

For the application of the butt welding method, the pipes must have inclined or straight ends. Care should be taken to ensure that the diameters and thickness of the pipes to be welded are equal. When performing this operation, the part surfaces must be combined in the same plane. The heater resistance must remain within the contact surfaces. For this reason, the parts involved in the process are in the same order and are not overlapped.

Things to Consider in Butt Welding Process

  • The temperature of the environment to be welded should be minimum 5 ° C.
  • Weather conditions should be observed. In cold or rainy weather conditions, the environment should be covered and protected from ambient conditions.
  • The ends of the pipes should be closed so that there is no rapid cooling in the welding process. Cooling and heating times should be calculated.
  • The environment in which the forehead will be welded must be free from dust and dirt and must be hygienic.
  • Care should be taken to shave the surface smoothly and finally form a pipe plate in the form of a thin layer.
  • It should be ensured that the difference between the diameters or wall thicknesses of the pipes to be welded is not more than 10%.

Advantages of Butt Welding Process

Due to the fact that the butt welding process is easy and the welded pipes maintain their long-lasting durability, it is preferred in many areas, especially in industrial areas. No additional special parts are needed for the process of joining the pipes. The welding process can take place directly. Thanks to butt welding, pipe fittings such as Te or elbows can be made. This type of welding is realized with a butt welding machine. Buying a butt welding machine is affordable and easy. It is a healthy, practical and reliable method of joining pipes. It facilitates the installation of long-distance pipes or underground lines. You can obtain high quality machines suitable for pipe joining methods from Dökerler, the leading company in the infrastructure sector.