HDPE Fabricated Pipe Fittings are HDPE fittings that are joined by butt welding method that allows the pipes to be connected to each other. They are also called HDPE Segmented Fittings.

Different parts are used at different points of the project. These HDPE pipe fittings are formed by joining two or more pieces of HDPE pipe by butt welding.

This method, which is applied in many parts of the world, is extremely economical and ergonomic. It offers practical solutions in the installation of pressurized liquid infrastructure systems. It also minimizes the costs of infrastructure systems.

You can make your plumbing as large as you want, determine its direction and easily make transitions between HDPE pipes. It is used at critical points such as turns and slopes of HDPE pipe plumbing. In addition, thanks to the method that allows HDPE pipes to be connected to each other in an extremely solid way, you can establish a secure infrastructure system.

We will examine together with which parts this fabricated method, which offers great convenience in HDPE piping systems, is applied, what are the usage areas of these parts.

We called the fittings produced by Butt Welding method as HDPE Fabricated Fittings or HDPE Segmented Fittings. Now we will briefly get to know these HDPE fabricated pipe fittings. The first products we will get to know are HDPE fabricated elbows or HDPE segmented elbows. To produce these elbows, HDPE pipes are cut at certain angles and welded at that angle. It is used in turns and inclined points in HDPE pipe plumbing. In this way, it can be applied quickly and easily at difficult points, reducing installation time.

HDPE Fabricated Equal Tee or HDPE Segmented Equal Tee got its name from its shape. All three sides of the “T” shaped fitting have the same diameter and length. The product consists of 3 pieces of HDPE pipes joined by butt welding method. It is used both to exit a different line over the main line of the installation and to divide the line into three.

HDPE Fabricated Reduced Tee, another product of ours, is formed by joining 2 pieces of HDPE pipes with different diameters. It serves to distribute the liquid in the HDPE pipe in more than one direction or to merge in one place. HDPE Fabricated Cross Tee ensures that the pressurized liquid flow is made in the desired direction. You get superior efficiency from your HDPE infrastructure system. It is formed by combining 4 pieces of confection pipe parts.

HDPE Fabricated 45° Tee can also be a good choice to ensure flow in HDPE drain and waste water pipes and prevent blockages. It does not leak.

Let’s examine together what are the usage areas of this method and fittings that provide many conveniences in pressurized liquid installations.

Areas of Use of HDPE Fabricated Pipes Fittings

HDPE Fabricated pipes fittings are preferred in many parts of the world and are still in use today.  It can be used in almost pressurized liquid HDPE pipe plumbing.

It can be used in many areas such as city networks, firefighting systems, irrigation systems and industrial plumbing, especially pressurized liquid plumbing.

They can be used even in the most critical areas with their pressure resistance and solid installation method. It does not leak, it does not cause installation failures that may occur in the future with its long service life. In addition, thanks to its long service life, it minimizes repair and renovation costs. For this reason, it is preferred by enterprises with high commercial volume, such as municipalities, big construction companies.

So, what would it be like if HDPE fabricated pipe fittings or HDPE segmented pipe fittings, which contribute greatly to infrastructure systems, are produced and presented with Dökerler quality?

Dökerler Difference in HDPE Fabricated Pipe Fittings

We have already mentioned that HDPE pipes are used all over the world. The quality of the fittings that connect these pipes is extremely important.

Dökerler has made its difference in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and almost all over the world with its quality. So, what makes us different from others? As Dökerler, we manage to stand out in our sector with the importance we attach to quality.

We use our technological infrastructure from the very beginning to the very end of production. We complete the production phase by putting our products through a series of tests in our laboratories. We offer superior performance in our products with durable and long-lasting use.

We offer superior quality service in your plumbing by using 100% original PE100 raw material in the production of our fittings. We go further every day by discovering innovations and keep up with new production techniques. We do all this at an affordable cost. We serve with our understanding of high quality and reasonable cost.

We meet the infrastructure needs of cities and even countries with our HDPE pipe fittings that we produce with care and meticulousness at every stage.

With more than 80 years of experience and innovative understanding, we are one of the best in our sector. For more detailed information about the confection method and HDPE pipe fittings, you can visit Dökerler official website.

Dökerler official website.