The coupler is a pipe fitting, which is used in many areas, especially in piping installations. It allows the pipes to be joined to extend the pipeline.

What is a HDPE Electrofusion Coupler?

Hdpe ef couples are mainly used in gas and liquid underground installations. It serves to join pipes to each other.

Two HDPE pipes of the same diameter are placed directly inside this cylindrical fitting.

The heat generated by supplying current to the resistors inside the couplers, melts the coupler and both pipes to stick to each other. The raw material used in its production is hdpe. Ef couplings are resistant to corrosion for a long time. For this reason, it is stronger compared to other couplings.

It is also preferred in cold climate regions. Especially in cold weathers, the main advantage of HDPE ef coupler is no deterioration in the elastic structure.

Where We Use the HDPE EF Coupler?

Couplers are essential fittings for pipe installations. It is widely used ;

  • Installation areas in workplaces
  • Industrial areas
  • Household installations
  • Major industry projects
  • Infrastructure installations

You can visit the product page on our website to review the technical specifications of the HDPE EF Couplers part, manufactured by Dökerler and to get detailed information.