The reducer is one of the pipe fittings we often see in pipe installations. They can be manufactured in different ways according to usage areas and needs.

Reducers allow the diameter of pipelines to be enlarged or reduced. Equivalent to the word “reduction”, reducers allow the transfer of fluids in pipelines to pipes of smaller diameter.

Thanks to the reducers, the flow of the liquid can be accelerated and its dosage can be adjusted. In short, the most basic purpose of use of reductions in general is to adjust and control the flow of the liquid in the pipe, and if necessary, to reduce or increase the flow rate.

Why is the Dokerler HDPE Reducer Important?

Dökerler is one of the leading names in its field with its high quality and permanent solutions to installations. Among the various pipe fittings it produces, pe100 reducer type is also available.

Electrofusion welding or butt welding can also be performed with the PE100 reducer. For electrofusion welding you need to use a electrofusion coupler manufactured by Dokerler.

These parts, manufactured in accordance with high quality standards, offer permanent solutions to your pipelines.

Thanks to the Dokerler pe100 reducer fitting, the flow in the pipe can be brought under control and the installation can be managed in accordance with the need.

You can visit the product page on our website to review the technical specifications of the PE100 Reducer fitting manufactured by Dokerler and to get detailed information.