What is pe100 pipe? What are the Pe100 pipe joining methods? You can continue reading our article for answers to such questions. Pe100 pipe is a type of pipe whose raw material is pe100 and which is a derivative of high-density polyethylene raw materials. They have high liquid carrying capacities. Therefore, it is used in situations where it is known to be exposed to high pressure. Generally, joining process is performed by electrofusion and butt welding.

Electrofusion Welding and Coupling Method

Electrofusion welding is a reliable and high-performance assembly technique. In this method, welding is carried out with resistance wires located inside the electrofusion pipe fitting. For joining pe100 pipe with electrofusion welding method:

  • First, pipes are placed inside the electrofusion pipe fitting.
  • The ends of the welding machine are connected to the resistance ends in the hole on the electrofusion pipe fitting.
  • The resistances are heated by applying current with the help of an electrofusion welding machine.
  • As the resistances heat up, the wall thickness of the electrofusion pipe fitting is greater than the wall thickness of the pipe, so the temperature of the pipe wall becomes higher than the temperature of the sleeve wall.
  • This temperature difference creates a pressure inside the pipe.
  • Welding takes place as a result of this pressure.

Electrofusion welding machine is used for welding process. Since these welding machines are practical and light to use, they provide convenience while processing. Another advantage is that when it is necessary to weld with variable welding parameters, it provides information documents related to the welding performed.

Considerations in the Electrofusion Welding Process

If you are going to do electrofusion welding, you should first know that the pipe and fitting to be welded are produced from the same raw materials. The melt flow rates of the pipes to be welded and the fittings should be calculated as between 0.2-1.3 gr/10 min (190°C/5kg) for HDPE electrofusion joining. At the same time, the area to be welded must be protected in such a way that it is not affected by bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, and intense sun, extremely high or low temperature. It should be noted that the temperature of the welding environment is between -5 °C and 40 °C. The ends of the pipes to be welded must be cut straight and smooth. The surface of the pipe must be thoroughly cleaned before welding. The oxidation on the pipe surface should be removed by scraping. Pipe and pipe fitting surfaces to be welded should be wiped with suitable cleaning liquid. After cleaning, hand contact should be avoided. The pipe should be placed in the fitting to be welded up to the limit of the stop. Socket welding is also included among the PE100 pipe joining methods. If you want to experience a quality application process for electrofusion welding, you can obtain the relevant machine and pipe fittings from Dökerler. When you have a question about Electrofusion Welding machine and electrofusion pipe fittings, you can contact Dökerler.