What is pe100 pipe used for you as Dökerler? What are its features? We have compiled the answers to such questions. Pe100 pipe is manufactured with pe100, which is a derivative of polyethylene raw materials with high density. It is often used in installations or projects with high pressure.

  • Fire water systems
  • Wastewater pumping lines
  • Energy distribution
  • Wiring
  • Natural gas and LPG installations
  • It is frequently preferred in many areas, especially in water installations.

The reasons why it is so preferred are as follows:

  • It is resistant to high temperature ranges such as -50 °C to +60 °C and suitable for safe use.
  • It has a long service life and high durability.
  • Resistant to chemicals.
  • Pe100 pipes do not conduct electricity.
  • Resistant to microorganisms, alkalis and acids.
  • The joining or welding process is quite easy and practical.
  • They do not cause any dissolution when it comes to organic solvents.
  • It is the number one choice especially in water installations because it is not affected by the characteristics of water such as smell, taste and structure.
  • It is cost-effective, has high performance and is easy to carry.
  • It does not change the taste and smell of water. It is healthy.
  • Since it has a flexible structure, it is not adversely affected by underground movements.
  • It provides advantages when changing diameter in projects.

How to Assemble Pe100 Pipe?

Pe100 tubes are easily combined by electrofusion and butt welding method.

Butt Welding Method

It is a method of joining pipes of the same diameter or wall thickness through pressure and temperature. It is especially used in long installations and underground pipelines. The reason why it is used in these areas is that it is long-term installations and does not require a change in the following process. The diameter or wall thickness of the butt-welded pipes must have a difference of no more than 10%. The surfaces to be welded must be thoroughly cleaned and shaved.

Electrofusion Welding Method

Electrofusion welding, which is carried out with heating resistors in the sleeve part, is carried out with the help of electrofusion welding machine. In this welding process, pipes made of the same raw material can be welded. The environment to be welded must be protected from bad weather conditions. As dökerler, we offer high quality pe100 pipe fittings and electrofusion welding machine for you. For detailed information, you can take a look: Where is Pe100 Pipe Used?