Pipe fittings are used to connect Pe100 pipes with each other and to change the direction of the installation, and to make the project the desired size. The question of what is injection can be answered as injecting the additional parts connecting these pipes into the pipe. HDPE pipes; are pipes that have the capacity to carry chemicals, wastewater, hazardous wastes and gases. These pipes, which are in polyethylene structure, have additional parts that can be adjusted according to the flow or direction of the liquid. Thanks to these attachments, the dosage and direction of the flow can be adjusted. If we examine the injection product types in Dökerler closely:

Pe100 Reducer

The Pe100 reduction insert is used to reduce or expand the diameter of pipelines. It is also preferred for joining and injecting pipes of different diameters. Thanks to the pe100 reduction parts, the flow of the liquid in the pipe can be accelerated or the dosage can be adjusted.

PE100 End Cap

It is the type of injection insert used to close the end of the pipe at the end of the installation or project. The cap, also known as the finishing part, is added to the end of the parts assembled by the electrofusion welding method.

Reduced Tee

Dispersion in more than one direction It is a type of pipe fittings that serve to join at least 3 pipes of different diameters and volumes. It is the ideal part for piping that needs to be scattered in more than one direction or joined from different places. The ideal part for piping that needs to be aborted or needs to be assembled from different locations

Flange Adapter

The flange is the pipe insert that connects the pipes by bolting. A flange adapter is a product that allows the parts with a flange to be joined to another pipe or to the end of the pipe. Flange adapters can be combined with a compatible flange or with a flange adapter.

Equal Tee

The pe100 equal TE part, which has a T-shaped appearance, allows the joining of pipes of different or equal diameters. It is used to combine 3 separate pipes.


It is used to change the course and direction of the pipes. Another purpose of use is to overcome any obstacle. Depending on the direction in which the pipe needs to be changed and the course of the installation, it can be produced at different angles such as 90° or 45°. With more than 80 years of experience, PE100 is a variety of pipe fittings