EF saddle i.e. electrofusion saddle; is one of the pipe fittings. EF saddle, which enables the pipes to be connected to each other and the installation to move in the desired direction, has started to be manufactured in different sizes and large diameters with the developing technology. EF Saddle allows the fluid to change its direction without the need to use an extra fitting. In this way, the project can be pulled in the desired direction.

Welding Method

EF saddle, where a single welding process is sufficient, is one of the frequently preferred pipe fittings due to its advantage. The welding method is as follows:

  1. The part of the pipe to be welded shall be determined and marked.
  2. The marked part is drilled with punch or jigsaw.
  3. The remaining oxide layer on the pipe is removed. The area between the inner and outer circle is scraped.
  4. The scraped area and the saddle are disinfected. Isopropyl can be disinfected with alcohol.
  5. EF saddle is placed in the marked area.
  6. EF saddle is well compressed through the belt.
  7. Ends of the electrofusion welding machine are connected to EF saddle.
  8. Welding information is loaded into the electrofusion welding machine by scanning the barcode.
  9. The welding process is completed.
  10. After processing, the belt is unfixed after the pipe and fitting cools down.

EF Saddle can be easily installed on the pipe thanks to the electrofusion welding machine. Electrofusion welding; it is the most common practice that allows the welding of pipe fittings. It is used to weld not only the saddle fitting, but also many electrofusion HDPE pipe fittings. Some of them are:

  • EF Tapping Saddle
  • EF Elbow
  • EF End Cap
  • EF Coupler
  • EF Reducer

For detailed information about the electrofusion welding process: “How is Electrofusion Welding Done?” Dokerler; electrofusion welding machine and EF saddle, especially pe100 pipes suitable for the fittings manufactured. With more than 80 years of experience, Dokerler, as the leading name in the infrastructure sector, maintains its service policy in accordance with international quality standards. You can visit the website to review the technical details of the product. “What Does EF Semer Do?” If you are satisfied with our article titled: “What is Pe100 Pipe Used For?