The flange adapter is a pipe insert capable of connecting flanges or hdpe pipes. It is also combined with a flange compatible with the predetermined Hdpe pipe and adapter. What is Hdpe? HDPE stands for “High Density Polyetylene.” It stands for high-density polyethylene. It is made of petroleum and has a hard structure. It is widely used especially in the manufacturing and industrial sector Apart from its hard structure, its main known properties are that it is resistant to chemicals and water. It has mechanically advanced properties. It is resistant to freezing and prevents the liquid contained in it from freezing. Thanks to the fact that it does not hold dust and dirt, it does not rust in the following processes and there are no problems such as any wear or tear. Another feature of hdpe pipes is that they are easy to install. It requires less labor during installation. Saves energy and time. These features offer many advantages to its use in installations and projects. Thanks to these advantages, it is used in most areas.

What is Flange?

It is a type of pipe insert used in pipelines that prevents leakage of the liquid contained in the pipes. Stainless flanges are preferred in high-pressure environments. Frequently used in machinery, plumbing areas and pipelines. Flanges of different sizes and sizes are manufactured in accordance with the project and the need. While determining the measurements;

  • Pressure and temperature of the installation
  • Inner and outer diameter of the pipe used in the installation
  • Considerations such as flange material are taken into account.

What is Flange Adapter?

A flange adapter is the joining material that connects two parts that are flanged or flanged. It undertakes the task of placing and joining pipes in installations. Flange adapters are first joined by the pipe and then by the flange compatible with the pipe. Hdpe flange adapters are used in all pipes and areas produced with HDPE raw material. It is frequently preferred in many areas such as electrical electronics, plumbing, industry. Flange adapters manufactured in accordance with high quality standards are located in Dökerler. Dökerler provides satisfaction-oriented service with more than 80 years of experience in the infrastructure sector.