Pe transition adaptor, which is among the pipe fittings types, is used in many areas, especially in piping installations and infrastructure projects. Pipe fittings; It is used to change the direction or strength of the piping, to lengthen or shorten its course, and to reduce or enlarge its diameter. Depending on the plan of the project, different pipe fittings are manufactured. These pipe fittings vary according to their intended use and characteristics. Commonly used types of pipe fittings include: Electrofusion Fittings

  • EF Coupler
  • EF Saddle
  • Ef Tapping Saddle
  • EF 45° Elbow
  • EF 90° Elbow
  • EF Equal Te
  • End Cap
  • EF Reduction

Injection Fittings

  • Spigot 45° Elbow
  • Spigot 90° Elbow
  • Spigot Equal Tee
  • Spigot Flange Adapter
  • Spigot Reduced Tee
  • Spigot End Cap
  • Spigot Reducer

Fabricated Fittings

  • 45° Elbow
  • 90° Elbow
  • Equal Tee
  • Reduced Tee
  • Gross Tee
  • 45° Tee

In addition to these, there are Pe transition adapter and steel flange types, which are very important to use in piping installations. These: • Screwed Steel Transition (female-male) • Screwed Brass Transition (female-male) • Weld End Steel Transition Adaptor • Steel Flange for Flange Adapter Depending on the area of use, direction and severity of the installation, the most appropriate pipe fittings are used. All these pe100 pipe fittings and transition adapters can be combined by electrofusion method or butt welding method. Butt welding and electrofusion welding joining methods are the two most used applications in piping installations. These two methods, which allow the pipes to be connected and joined together, also extend the service life of the pipe parts. In electrofusion joining methods, the welding process is carried out through the electrofusion welding machine. Electrofusion welding machine provides a great advantage in projects in terms of ease of use and practicality.


The areas where transition adapters, flange steel and pipe fittings are generally used are as follows: • Fire water systems • Cable installation projects • Regions where energy distribution is made • Underwater installations • LPG and natural gas installations • Underground or surface drinking water networks • Wastewater discharges Dökerler, the leading company of infrastructure installations, manufactures pe-100 pipe fittings, fittings used in city networks, rainwater grates and sewer chimney covers that may be needed by installations and projects.