Electrofusion welding is a reliable and high-performance installation technique.

To give an example through the EF coupler, while electrofusion welding is done;

  • First, pipes are placed in the EF coupler. The ends of the welding machine are connected to the resistance ends on the EF coupler. The purpose here is to heat the resistance with current.
  • The wall thickness of the sleeve is greater than the wall thickness of the pipe. Therefore, when the resistances are heated, the temperature of the pipe wall becomes higher than the temperature of the sleeve wall.
  • This temperature difference creates pressure in the HDPE pipe. Thanks to the pressure on and inside the HDPE pipe, the welding process is completed.

In order for the electrofusion welding process to be carried out successfully; it is necessary to perform the welding process with HDPE pipes and HDPE fittings must be produced from raw materials close to each other. (MFI, DENSITY) The welding area should not be affected by bad weather conditions. For this reason, the welding area must be protected.

Specially manufactured electrofusion welding machines are available for welding. Electrofusion Welding takes place through these machines.

Equipment used during the electrofusion welding process;

1- Electrofusion Welding Machine

2- Pipe Cutter

3- Clamp Set

4- Pipe Scrapers

How Does the Electrofusion Welding Process Proceed?

  • The HDPE pipe should be cut at right angles to its axis and the weld ends should be straight and smooth.
  • HDPE pipes are placed inside the fitting to be welded up to the thrust limit and the entrance limit is marked on the pipe.
  • The surface of the HDPE pipe and HDPE pipe fitting should be cleaned and surface oxidation should be taken with scraper before welding.
  • The ovality of the HDPE pipe should not be more than 1.5% of its outer diameter. Otherwise, a pipe clamp must be used.
  • The surfaces of the HDPE pipes and HDPE pipe fittings must be free of dirt, oil, etc. It should be cleaned with suitable cleaning liquids (ethyl alcohol, acetone etc.) and a lint-free cloth.
  • Electrofusion welding ends are set up and welding machine sockets are placed on the welding ends of the HDPE fitting.
  • After the machine gives the ready signal for the welding process, the welding process is started by reading the barcode or manually. The welding machine ends the welding process itself and gives a signal. Thus, the Electrofusion welding process is completed.

Products That Can Be Installed With Electrofusion Welding

Dökerler has become one of the pioneers of the infrastructure sector with its quality products that can be installed with electrofusion welding. These products:

  • PE100-EF Coupler
  • PE100-EF Saddle
  • PE100-EF Tapping Tee
  • PE100-EF 45° Elbow
  • PE100-EF 90° Elbow
  • PE100-EF Equal Tee
  • PE100-EF Cap
  • PE100-EF Reducer

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