The electrofusion welding process, which is performed to inject the pipes into each other, is applied through the electrofusion welding machine. Electrofusion welding is the most reliable and high-performance welding technique. During the welding process;

  • Pipe cutting apparatus
  • Pipe scrapers
  • Clamp kit
  • Electrofusion welding machine is used

Electrofusion welding machine shows functionality in many areas, especially where pipelines are used. The areas where it is generally used are as follows:

  • Natural gas lines
  • Agricultural irrigation lines
  • Fuel Oils
  • Drinking water projects

In these areas, electrofusion welding machines provide a functional safety area thanks to their high quality and functionality.

What is the welding process?

During the electrofusion welding process, welding is carried out by heating resistors on the inside of the pipe insert First, the pipes are cut so that the ends to be welded are smooth and straight. It is placed in the insert up to the limit of its durability. The electrofusion surfaces to be welded need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The sockets of the electrofusion welding machine are placed at the ends of the pipe insert and the welding process is carried out through the machine. In short, the welding machine, after the electrofusion is placed in the additional parts, is connected to the sockets above the ends and performs the heating process with electric current. With our in-house electrofusion welding machine, pe100 pipes can be realized in all pipes between 20 mm diameter and 720 mm diameter.

What are Electrofusion Pipe Fittings?

Electrofusion pipe fittings for connecting pipes to each other are:

  • EF Coupler
  • EF Reducer
  • EF End Cap
  • EF Equal Tee
  • EF 90° Elbow
  • EF 45° Elbow
  • EF Tapping Saddle
  • EF Saddle