Butt welding method is one of the widely used and preferred applications. It ensures that the pipes are suitable for the needs and installations.

Things to Know About Butt Welding

The butt welding method is the joining of pipes of the same thickness and diameter through pressure and temperature. There are elements to be considered before starting to apply this method. These:

  • Controlling the temperature of heating plate and ensuring that it is homogeneous.
  • The surface of the heating plate is clean and hygienic.
  • Preparation of Pe100 pipes before welding and control of their proper connection to the welding machine
  • The area to be welded must be smooth and the necessary trimming operations must be completed

Working Principle of Welding Machine

Butt welding machine consists of 4 main units. These are; hydraulic main body, hydraulic panel, trimmer unit and heating plate. The hydraulic main body allows the fixed connection of pe100 pipe fittings and pipes so that they can be assembled. The hydraulic panel helps to ensure that the surface to be welded is at the appropriate pressure. The trimmer unit removes undesirable surface of the butt, ensuring that the surface is smooth and suitable for welding. The heating plate ensures a homogeneous conglutination of the pipe surfaces. For this, it conducts heat transfer at the appropriate temperature.

Butt Welding Method

In the context of all this, the application of the butt welding process is:

  • All preparations are completed before the butt welding process and the pipes are ready for welding.
  • The pipes to be welded are placed in the machine.
  • The junction areas are shaved and smoothed.
  • The ends of the pipe are closed so that there is no air circulation.
  • Control of heater surface temperature.
  • Parameters and pressure values are determined.
  • The junction areas to be brought closer to the heater and the lip height is expected to occur at the appropriate pressure.
  • The joining zones are separated from the heater without damage. It is expected to cool.
  • At the end of cooling, the welded parts are disassembled from the machine.

After these stages, the butt welding method is completed. This method is suitable for welding HDPE pipes of the same diameter. You can take a look at the detailed information about the forehead welding method: “What is the butt welding? what does it do?”